Saturday October 25th, 2003
Unreal Tournament 2003 Night Hunters

Work on a UT2003 version of Night Hunters has started. See the UT web site at

Saturday January 20th, 2001
Mac source code for NightHunters 1.51 released!

The Mac source code for NightHunters 1.51 has been added to the Download section thanks to Gerard Ryan from The Railgun Project.

Thursday December 28th, 2000
Source code for NightHunters 1.51 released!

The source code for NightHunters 1.51 has been released!  You can find the files in the Download section.

There is a ZIP file for Windows, and a TGZ file for Linux.  The Windows version is a Visual C++ 5 project.  The Linux version should be compiled using GCC (see the September 13th, 1998 new post) with either 'make release' or 'make debug'.  The files only contain the C source to the gamex86.dll / files.  You still need the nh1-51 archive which contains the PAK files etc to play the game.

If anyone does any major or minor improvements, I'd like to hear about them!

Wednesday August 9th, 2000
BatCave NightHunters server is back up!

I have restarted the Night Hunters server on the original BatCave server.  If it's used, I'll leave it up.  Check out the servers page for the address.

Wednesday August 9th, 2000
Wow, a news update!

This isn't much of a news update, except to say what has not been happening..

Back in April Majoon came on board to help start NightHunters for Quake3.  We all started looking at it and testing things out., but ran i nto some problems.

Aside from summer taking all our time away, the main reason nothing has been done for Quake3 Night Hunters is that no one has figured out how to do a flashlight or how to turn out the lights in Quake3.  I don't think anyone has really worked all THAT hard in figuring it out, but so far it doesn't look like it's possible due to how lighting is handled..

It is quite possible to have custom maps that have no lights, but there is still the issue of the flashlight.  With Quake2, when you fire a weapon, it lights up everything around it as it travels.  With Quake3, that doesn't happen.

So, if anyone can figure out HOW to create a flashlight, and or shut the lights off in Quake3, I would really like to hear from you!  Until then, NH on Quake3 doesn't seem likely..

I haven't really been keeping up with the Quake3 mods lately, so there may be a mod out there already that can do what we are looking for.  If there is, please let me know!


Sunday April 16th, 2000
New Message Board and welcoming Majoon.

We just set up a new message board, This one is actually Y2K compatible :). Check it out, But  you'll have to register before you can post any messages or take advantage of any of the other great features. 

We've been getting a lot of great response regarding NH for Q3,  thanks for all the great ideas.....Keep 'em coming. The more the better. If you have any ideas/comments/complaints.... be sure to post them on the message board or mail one of us.

Also on a positive note, Majoon has joined the current NH team as a coder. This guy started the whole NH thing waaaaay back. So he knows what he's doing :). Go Majoon :)

Tuesday February 29th, 2000
NH 1.51 for the Mac!

Thanks to Gerard Ryan and others at The Railgun Project, we now have a Macintosh port of Night Hunters 1.51!  This means Mac users can now run NightHunters servers!

Head on over to the Files section and download either the full package for a re-install (backup your config I suggest), or you can download just the server library file (much smaller) to create your own server if  you already have the NH pak files etc from the .ZIP files from way back when..

We haven't tested the Xatrix library out yet, so if you have the Xatrix mod and want to test it out, please let me know how it works out!

Saturday December 25th, 1999
Merry Christmas!! 

      First and foremost, We all wish you a MerryChristmas and a happy new year from the NH Crew. 

      Now, As for NH news...there really hasn't been much, Dingbat and Batmax are still plugging away at NH 2.0. I guess the only answer i can give when asked about its completion is "When It's Done", Real Life has bogged down any coding efforts. 

     We are currently looking at porting NH over to the Mac, check out The Railgun Project for more info. Also we are waiting for Q3A source code to become available to the public so we can start throwing around ideas regarding Q3 NH. If you have any ideas, please post on the message board or mail them to one of us (links are on the left) Any input on anything will be greatly appreciated. 

Enjoy the update. :)

Wednesday October 27th, 1999
NH 2.0 update

Just a quick update on v2.

Things are coming along. I've added the following features:

1) A completely configurable admin menu. Pretty much all gameplay options can be tweaked or altered from the menu system now.

This includes such things as:

- Scoring
- Safety time
- Marine starting weapons
- Teleport shots for predator
- Predator suicide allowed or not
- Map rotation and selection

2) A predator "hand-to-hand" weapon.
3) The marine blaster now also makes players "glow" when hit.
4) A tracker that gives bearing and distance to the predator.
5) An IR jammer for marines.
6) nglog support

Of course, this is on top of:

7) Multiple predators
8) Team support for predators and marines, including team communications.

Some of the other features I either will or am considering adding:

1) Player statistics 
2) Storable IR (doesn't automatically get used).
3) Message of the day.
4) New sounds

I've received many suggestions and comments. I appreciate them all. Some are technically impossible with Q2, some I consider
unbalancing, and some I am still thinking about. Keep them coming people.


Monday September 27th, 1999
Yes, we are ALIVE!!

Wow, it's been over 3 months since we've updated the web page here...  Sorry to keep everyone in the dark (hehe) but you will be happy to know that DingBat HAS been working on Night Hunters 2 over the summer months. 

NH 2 is pretty much a re-write of the mod and includes multiple predators, an admin menu and team play.  I can guarantee that there will be more when it gets released, but that's what I know of right now.

I decided at the beginning of the summer that I would actually try to enjoy the summer without Quake2 / Night Hunters which is why I haven't been around much.  DingBat has also been busy all summer but he has managed to squeeze in some Quake2 programming.  BatCat has been in the middle of the longest move he's ever done, so he hasn't been online all that much either..  With winter coming I'm sure we'll all be back in full swing soon enough.. :)

We need your input on Night Hunters 2!  What do you want to see in the next version?  Any comments on the team play or multiple predators??  Head over to the message board and tell us what you want!!!

Wednesday June 16th, 1999
NightDM 0.90 Beta - CTF Night Hunters

When I was a wee lad (sometime in the last century) living on the outskirts of  Calgary, we used to play a version of Capture the Flag up in the hills in the  summer. Two teams would each set up a base camp and put some raggedy flag there. Then we'd go out and try to get the other teams flag. 

Oh yeah, one other thing. We played at night.

Now, these flags were pretty safe. It's bloody dark in the hills around Calgary at night. An invisible spectator would have had a great time listening to a  dozen or so people crashing around the bush and swearing in ways to make Marine Corps drill instructors take notes. 

Anyone caught using darkness reduction tools like flashlights were cheerfully categorized as wussies of the worst sort. Carrots and other Vitamin A supplements were consumed in mass quantities. I think there was even a late night  emergency room visit or two. But it was fun.

Ever since Quake people have been playing CTF on the computer. I've played it, and had some fun, but there's just something missing. Or not missing  actually. Light. It's just too damn bright. What fun is there in playing CTF if you can actually see where you're going?

Well, we've fixed that. We've taken the dark bits in NH and moved them to CTF. Hence the Night part in the name of the mod.

Click on the Night CTF link on the left side of your screen for more info on the mod and to download the files.  Note:  you ONLY need to download the files if you want to run a server.  If just want to play on a Night CTF server, all you need is the regular CTF files which you probably already have.

We'll be running a Night CTF server for a few days so people can try it out.  Check out the servers page for the server (Batcave NightCTF)

Thursday May 27th, 1999
NightDM 0.90 Beta - Single player Night Hunters

During our development of the Quake2 mod Night Hunters, we often discussed how much fun it might be to re-play the single player game in the dark. After  version 1.5 of Night Hunters was released I found some time on my hands and  the urge to do something "fun" again (not that Night Hunters wasn't fun, just  a lot of debugging work near the end).

Not long after I started coding the single player game, it ocurred to me: why stop there? And so the Night DeathMatch mod was created. 

Night DeathMatch really contains three "games". You can play the single player game, deathmatch, or coop deathmatch. All are "night" games. That is, they are played in the dark. There is NO light in these games. Anyone familiar with the Night Hunters mod will know what I'm talking about. If you're not familiar with NH, well, be prepared for something a little different. 

Click on the Night DM link on the left side of your screen for more info on the mod and to download the files.

Sunday May 16th, 1999
1.51 with Xatrix support released!!!

Version 1.51 of Night Hunters has been released!

1.51 fixes some small bugs, and adds Xatrix (Mission Pack 1 - The Reckoning) support.  Here's what's new in 1.51:

-score command fixed
-removed glow from predator during switchover
-modified code that placed player in specatator mode when first connected
-added 2 second delay on MOTD when first connected
-changed maxrate cvar to only allow 2000+
-default weapon code fixed
-fixed rare crash when player cratered
-smaller pak file - don't ask. :)
-Xatrix version created - see NH-Xatrix-readme.txt in your xatrix directory

To upgrade to 1.51, head over to the Files section and download either the full client or the update (if you already have version 1.5).

Included in 1.51 is a new gamex86/ for Xatrix so you can play Night Hunters on the Xatrix maps with the Xatrix weapons!  Please see NH-Xatrix-readme.txt in your xatrix directory so you can play on Xatrix servers and run your own server.

Game-Loader mini-mod

Because Night Hunters Xatrix requires you to replace your Xatrix/gamex86.dll (or, we have released Game-Loader.

Game-Loader is a simple Quake2 'mod' that allows you to specify what game DLL to load on the Quake2 command line.

The main source program, plugin.c is a slightly modified version of Zarjazz's plugin source code sample from Barrysworld, the author of BW-Admin.  The only addition is the cvar used to specify what DLL to load.

I have compiled and released this program for use with Night Hunters Xatrix, but it can be used with any mod.

Game-Loader does NOT provide ANY added functionality for Quake2.  It is only used to specify what DLL to load when starting Quake2.

Game-Loader would be used when you want to run two servers which need to be run from the same directory, but different DLL's need to be loaded. 

For example:  You want to run a Xatrix server AND a Night Hunters Xatrix server at the SAME TIME.  Both Xatrix and Night Hunters Xatrix must run from the quake2/xatrix folder, but they both require DIFFERENT / gamex86.dll files to be loaded.  That creates a problem...

Another example would be with CTF.  You could run two different CTF mods from the same quake2/ctf folder.

Here's an example of how to run a Night Hunters Xatrix server with Game-Loader:

quake2 +set game_dll gamex86.xatrix.dll +set game xatrix +set deathmatch 1 +set dedicated 1 

If you don't plan on running your own server, you probably don't need Game-Loader.  If you already run a Xatrix server and would like to also run a Night Hunters Xatrix server, then give Game-Loader a try.  You can download it from the Files section.

Very little testing has been done with Game-Loader, so please give it a try a tell me about any problems.  It appears to work with BW-Admin.  Hopefully it will work as well as I hope it will. :) 

Monday April 19th, 1999
1.5 Released!!!

Version 1.5 (non-beta!) of Night Hunters has been released!

Head over to the download page to download the latest client files.  If you run a server you will also need to download the client file as it contains the 1.5 server files too!

1.5 has a new predator model, so everyone should download the client instead of trying to auto-download when the join the server otherwise you will NOT get all the files!!

Here's what's new in 1.5:

-ported to 3.20 level code
-now using stock 3.20 chase cam / observer
-marine initial weapon server var added
-predator rocket launcher 'overload' command added
-scoreboard improvements
-MOTD added.  Reads motd.txt file
-info menu changed to read info.txt file
-modified lighting effects during map changes
-removed 'can't find pic' errors
-added flashlight icon to hud
-added overload icon to hud
-added IR icon to hud
-must now enter game by pressing your flashlight key
-added 'report' command for reporting location of pred similar to CTF
-added IR Goggles model to replace quad and invulnerability
-safety mode for marine and predator
-predator and marine models can now be changed
-marine model can be forced or user can select
-changed predator countdown from text to number countdown
-totally reworked marine to predator switch over
-using modified 3.20 map rotation
-sv_maplist, sv_maplist2 and sv_maplist3 can be used for map rotating based on number of players on the server.  Configured using sv_maplist_small_max and sv_maplist_medium_max server variables
-Added 5 page help menu describing the game and bindings etc
-Added 'Models used' menu page to show current server configuration for predator and marine models
-Code is much faster and smoother now thanks to Dingbat reworking a lot of the code!
-added batch/script files for users to get local and dedicated servers up easily.
-previously unmentioned, holding a flare full term causes it to be thrown further.
-new predator model added
-lightning effects added
-maxrate cvar added
-2 demos created
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